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Founded on March 5, 1998

The My Little Pony Traders webring has moved to a new system!

If you are already a member of MLP Traders, you will have to Zoloft online overnight. The ring on Yahoo's system will be shut down at some time.

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About the MLP Traders webring:
The My Little Pony Traders ring has been created so that collectors can have an easy way of finding traders and sellers of My Little Pony. All the sites in this ring have a My Little Pony for trade or sale list, and sometimes a want list as well. The easier it is for collectors to find each other, the easier it is for us to all expand our collections :)

The My Little Pony Traders ring is in no way responsible for handling any trades, and is not responsible for any bad trading/buying/selling experiences you may have. However, if you do find someone in this ring who has not honored your agreement please bring it to my attention, and if warranted I will remove them from the ring.

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