The first thing you will want to ask is: 'How do I become a channel op on #Highlander.' The answer is simple: it doesn't matter :) #Highlander is not an active channel at the moment, this page is here for the memories the ol' regulars of the channel may wish to revisit occasionally. There are some ops you see here that may or may not exist, and some you don't see here that do. When am I going to do something about it? Well, as there is no need to bug me for updates anymore, when I am good and ready to!

Oh, and one more thing... as a note ta those who are ops... no *bots* with ops! (yes, this means you CrUSaDe®) Yeah, this one still applies. I still don't trust the things :Ş

Channel Ops

Channel Goddess / Queen of Confusion
page Tessa and see if she's online!

King of Confusion / Keeper of the bullfrogs / Knight of Tessa
page Diver and see if he's online!

Court mage / jester / That Guy Who Gets Us All to Talk Funny
Shaman speaks

Prince of something
Etay speaks

The Sylvan Princess

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