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kewlariHe's baaaack.
DizzyDizzy... nuff said /
page Dizzy and see if she's online!
Princess¤Lady of the Castle / ruler of Camelot .
Lizythe prince of something's princess.
BardVixon's Bardic Treasure / King of
VixonBard's Foxy Lady / #Highlander's Immortal Flight
AtogKeeper of the Games.

The fine print: If you sent in pix before the latest update of the page, Tessa has lost track of what file belongs to who, so let her know. (Be nice please, she's doing her best, and isn't the most organized of people) If you feel you belong on this page, contact Tessa.

For all of those who got spamed.... you can't say you weren't warned! If you want it fixed... get yer pix ta Tessa :) What, you didn't think that warning was an idle threat, did you?

The smaller fine print: If you're not happy about which page you ended up on... well Tessa isn't around often enuf to catch you all, and it's a pretty fine line... sooooooo... well you can always write and see if you can change her mind.

According to the web counter immortals, mortals, and otherwise have been lucky enough to meet us since August 1, 1996.

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