This page is no longer updated regularly. I am leaving this site up so that those who used to frequent #Highlander can take a trip down memory lane. I am leaving the pages with the people of #Highlander as they were when last the channel was active (otherwise we'd all be shadows.) I will still occasionally update other sections of this page as the mood may strike me.

No, this page isn't always updated with every change made to the site. Somedays it takes more than enough time just to do the updates. I'll try to keep this current enought that you know what is going on tho.

3/30/03 Updated main page: Changed buttons once again to re-add cool sounds while retaining stablity. Added a few comments. Fixed the channel banner so it will autolauch the channel in mIRC for IE users. Changed the background to a seamless tile.

4/15/01 Updated main page and this for faster loading. Plan to slowly fix the rest of the site with the same goal. Yes, it kills the cool sounds when you click the buttons, but it is more stable this way. The sounds are still available for download on the wav page.
             Highlander and I decided to see who we can find from qdeck, and get the channel running again if we can, so you might find someone there. We've found several already, the first person showed up unexpectedly just 10 minutes after we registered the channel! (Hi Undertaker) ;) Our first day back we had six people in there at one time, including one newcomer, so who knows...

2/22/98 Updated links / buttons / etc. so they should all work at this site's new location. However I may have missed something, so if you find something that doesn't work, let me know.
             Made a few changes in the comments on the op page
             Changed the midi on the main page to "Princes of the Universe" and moved "Who Wants to Live Forever" to this page

2/10/98 Moved this site... if you're reading this you already know where

7/13/97 Added new and improved java navigational buttons to all pages
             Highlander links tab added to GeoGuide

7/07/97 Added new animation to main page
             new main pic for Diver

7/02/97 Okay okay... so it's a bit later than the first part of May. I've been busy. We had a great trip (well, except for the cars... but that's another story,) and we took lots of pictures. And as soon as we can afford to develop them all we'll put a page up with the whole story (including the bit 'bout the cars) ;)
Yes I did some updating...
             Updated Diver's ICQ pager #
             changed GeoRewards banners to the new GeoGuide
             removed NetTrak, as it's been disabled due to too much work for their server :(
             yes, there will be more updates in the (hopefully) near future. I've been spending time working on other people's pages tho (see Stray Cat Computer Services and you'll understand why. And I've been working on a page that is actually for me finally. I'll post the URL on the ops and "Tessa" page when it's ready for the public.
             I know there are some people who requested certain updates for themselves... I will get to them as soon as I can. It might not hurt ta e-mail me 'bout them again tho, as my e-mail is quite a mess

4/09/97 Tessa is going out of town for a little while. There will be no new updates until around the begining of May, as she will not have access to a computer.

4/03/97 NetTrak added to track page hit statistics

3/29/97 new and much improved (hopefully) guestbook added

3/21/97 pic for Person updated / kewlari readded

3/14/97 ATTN: Tessa's email has changed. Email links have been changed to her new address.

3/08/97 Page navigation buttons added to main pages

3/02/96 Wavs page updated... series and movie wavs seperated
             New background for this page

3/01/96 Geocities webring funtional

2/20/97 Music control buttons added to all midi playing pages
             Pager added on Regs page for Dizzy

2/18/97 Pagers added for Tessa and Diver, to check if they are online (see tessa.html and diver.html)
             Highlander Webring added and functional
             Geocities Webring added

2/14/97 New wavs page added
             Form for recieving email when this site is updated added

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